Studio Policy

As a piano teacher, my goal is to provide the best possible well-balanced musical education for you or your child. I will give each student my personal attention. The program curriculum will be tailored to each student’s needs. It is my goal to guide the students to a greater understanding and enjoyment of music. Below is my studio policy, please read it carefully.


* Fall Quarter 2015: September 12 – November 25 (11 private lessons and 2 Musicianship Classes)

* Winter Quarter 2015 – 2016: December 1 – February 27 (11 private lessons and 2 Musicianship Classes)

* Spring Quarter 2016: March 1 – May 20 (11 private lessons and 2 Musicianship Classes)

* Summer Quarter 2016: June 7 – August 22 (Summer Packages – 8~10 private lessons)


The lesson plans include a balance of artistry, theory, ear training, sight-reading, technique, ensemble playing, and repertoire appropriate to the student’s level of proficiency.  Aside from the the study at piano, I incorporate a variety of musical activities during lesson times on the floor and at the piano to teach and reinforce learned concepts.

In each quarter, all of the students enrolled in Comprehensive Piano Programs and Honors Program are entitled to receive 13 lessons: 11 weekly private lessons and 2 Musicianship Classes. In lieu of one of the Musicianship Classes, there will not be any private lessons scheduled (except for makeup lessons) during that one of the two weeks that is scheduled with Musicianship Classes.

Comprehensive Piano Programs:

Elementary Level: Required for all beginning/transfer students at the elementary level (up to level 3). Basic musicianship skills are covered in areas such as reading, rhythm, ear training, and technique through level 3 of most method books. The length of lesson is 30 minutes for students (beginner – level 1), and 45 minutes for students (level 2~3).  Students in this course are expected to participate in all studio events and recitals.  Participation in the annual Certificate of Merit test and local festival events may be recommended.
Intermediate/Advance Level: This is the course of study for students beyond level 3 of most method books.  The length of lesson is 45 minutes for students (level 3 – 5), and 1 hour for students (level 6 and higher). The course covers comprehensive technique, repertoire, theory and musicianship. Students in this course are expected to participate in all studio events and recitals. Participating in the annual Certificate of Merit test is expected, and local events participation is recommended.

Honors Program:

Enrollment in this course is only based on my recommendation for students beyond level 3.  The student must be willing to commit to the more rigorous demands from this course.  This course covers everything in the Comprehensive Intermediate Course but focuses more on finer elements of artistic performance and musicianship skills. The length of the lessons is at least 1 hour or more, and may subject to more frequent but shorter lessons 3 weeks prior to a competition or an event.  The student will be expected to participate in Certificate of Merit test, local festival events, and other competitions.

Recreational Adult / High School Students Program

This course is for adult and busy high school students who want to study and play recreationally at an elementary, intermediate, or advance level. A curriculum will be individually designed to meet the needs and goals of the student. The student will receive 12 weekly private lessons in each quarter. Participation in studio events is optional. Students are welcomed to attend informal recitals each quarter for performance practices.


Tuition is payable by check or cash in quarterly or monthly installments. Quarterly tuition is due the first lesson of September, December, March, and June. Monthly tuition is due the first lesson of each month. A $15 late fee is charged for payments received after the 10th of each month. A monthly bill will be sent out, which will include the following month’s installment, any music or supplies that have been purchased, traveling reimbursement, and any applicable event fees.  Tuition is subject to raise by 2~3% per year.  Please contact me for more detailed info.

As a convenience to most families, I do travel to homes for lessons for a higher fee. This fee will be higher than the fee for lessons at my home studio since it will be covering my traveling time between student homes. An additional charge for mileage ($4-8 ) will also be added, depending on distance.

Please make checks payable to LC Piano Studio.

Payments can be mailed to: PO Box 20163, Fountain Valley, 92728


The studio offers year-round lessons. It is important to continue lessons through the summer months. Most students’ skills regress over the summer without lessons to keep them practicing. Summer enrollment is required to reserve the spot in the fall. If no summer lesson is taken, your time-slot in the next teaching year will be forfeited to accommodate new or existing students. The summer quarter includes 11 lessons in the months of June, July and August. Options for summer lessons include summer day camp combined with private lessons, or extended private lessons instead of regular length lessons. I am able to accommodate these lessons with more flexibility during the summer.


Regular and punctual attendance is required to make maximum progress in piano studies. All students are expected to practice at least 5 days per week. The emphasis will be put on the quality versus quantity of practice time. I recommend the following practice schedule:

Beginners – 15 ~ 20 minutes, 5-6 times/week
Elementary level – 30~40 minutes, 5-6 times/week
Intermediate level – 45-60 minutes, 5-6 times/week
Early Advance – Advance -1~2 hours, 5-6 times/week

The studio also offers an incentive program for students to encourage better practice and greater involvement in music. Please ask for more information.

Parental involvement promotes progress in student’s music studies. Open communication between parents and teachers is strongly encouraged. Please talk to me about any concerns or questions that you may have in regards to you or your child’s progress. I am open to any suggestions and ideas that may help you or your child.


1. A minimum of twenty-four hours advance notice is required for cancellation of a lesson. It is unacceptable to cancel a few hours before the scheduled lesson time.
2. Make-up lessons will not be available for last-minute cancellations (less than 24-hours notice) such as sporting events, parties or other social events, forgetting a lesson, “I didn’t practice,” and transportation problems.
3. Time lost due to lateness on the part of the student cannot be made up, nor will a credit be issued.
4. Make-ups can also be given in 15-30 minute increments added on to lessons until the time is made up.
5. Make-up lessons will be given if the teacher makes the cancellation. If no make-up lesson is given, I will credit it to the student’s account.
6. Only 2 makeup lessons are allowed per quarter. In each quarter, there will be a few days reserved for makeup lessons. Lessons missed within a quarter will be rescheduled on those days, made up during another student’s cancelled lesson slot, or swapped with another student’s time. Lessons that conflict with studio breaks or missed due to illness or family emergencies will have priority on the rescheduling days over lessons missed due to social or sporting events. Missed lessons will NOT be credited or made up in the next quarter.


There are many performance opportunities available to students of LC Piano Studio, included studio recitals, group lessons, local festivals and competitions. Students are not required but encouraged to do the events.


1. Students will purchase a lesson book, theory book, and other book or sheet music as needed.
2. I will provide an assignment notebook. It is used to keep assignment sheets, theory assignments, and handouts from me. It can also be used to keep any loose-leaf music sheets
3. As a convenience to you, I will obtain the materials and add the cost to your next month’s tuition bill. I will let you know what new books are needed for the student’s progress.
4. Students also can borrow books from my music library. The music library offers the students a chance to play in a variety of books, without having to purchase these books. Any borrowed music that is not returned, or is badly damaged will be added to the month tuition at its replacement cost.


I will dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur:
Uncooperative attitude
Failure to pay tuition on time
Lack of progress due to insufficient practice

In the event that the student has decided to discontinue lessons, I required a written notice at least 1 month ahead. No refund will be given, thus the student must finish the remainder of the month or forego any unused lessons.