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Summer Theme Recital – August 14, 2011

Summer Theme Recital is this upcoming Sunday, August 14th.

Below is the schedule for the upcoming mini-recitals held at my Westminster Studio.  Due to the limited space in the studio, only TWO adults per family are invited to the recital.  Small children are welcomed but will need to sit on the adult’s lap or on the floor.  All student performers will be seated in the other room (or ‘backstage’) to accommodate seating for the audience in the studio.

Summer Theme Recital: Students will be performing their music and sharing how their chosen pieces are relate to the summer with the audience through their own drawings, paintings, and/or stories.

Dress Code: Semi-Casual.  No tennis shoes, flip-flops and jeans.

Location: Westminster Studio (16441 Magnolia St. Suite #A, Westminster)

Fee: Already included in summer tuition.


Recital #1 

1:00 – 1:45 pm

(5 families)

Recital #2 

2:00 – 2:45 pm

(6 families)

Recital #3 

3:00 – 3:45 pm

(6 families)

Haley H. 

Rachel Sw.

Preston and Taylor H.

Grant and Trevor R.

Lauren and Audrey V.

Lauren H. 

Isaac L

Andrea M.

Christina P.

Casey and Travis C.

Erin, Sean and Evan K.


Christina and Victoria T. 

Arielle and Rachel S.

Nancy H.

Cassidy H

Kyra L

Cindy O.

Students who will NOT be participating at this time are:

Yacov R., David S., Alisa K., Edden S, Khrystal and Sarah A, Chris T.
Madeline D., Tyler H., Emma L., Caroline L., Taylor U., Cameron U.